Can I Run My Furnace Without A Filter?

September 21, 2023

Don’t take your home’s HVAC system for granted. You're not maximizing your system's potential if you neglect to use and replace air filters regularly. The filter keeps air within your abode fresher and purer, but air filters also help keep your heating equipment functioning optimally.

You may not cause much damage if you temporarily avoid using a filter when operating the furnace. However, contaminants accumulate inside the unit, which can result in extensive damage.

We recommend cleaning and replacing the air filter according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Doing so helps the furnace work more efficiently. You can anticipate less debris, dander, and dirt circulating inside, helping keep the abode clean and reducing allergic reactions.

What Makes Filters Crucial for Furnace Operation?

A furnace without filter protection lets the blower fan draw contaminated air into the unit. You won’t have the advantage of the filter keeping out dangerous particles and boosting indoor air quality. A filter made from cloth, paper, or fiberglass traps contaminants so they don’t come inside and harm your health.

What Are the Consequences of Operating an Unfiltered Furnace?

You can run the furnace without installing a filter, but only temporarily (such as overnight, awaiting a new filter). If you let it run very long without filtration, contaminants will build up.

IAQ plummets when there is no filtration. Your family may experience health problems as contaminants and dust move through ductwork into the home. Mold spores could proliferate in the ducts, causing breathing issues.

What Happens When You Leave a Dirty Air Filter in the Furnace?

While it’s better to use some form of filtration rather than none you’ll find running a furnace with a soiled filter is not ideal.

When a filter’s clogged with pollution, airflow is restricted, causing the furnace to labor excessively to maintain the home’s basic heat level. Under such inefficient conditions, expect your power bill to rise. Working harder than necessary can make the furnace overheat or malfunction.

When Do We Need to Swap Out the Filter in Our Furnace?

Ideally, you will change the filter every month. In winter, it’s a task you don’t want to ignore on your to-do list, since you’ll be running the furnace more often and spending more time inside. When a filter appears dirty, you’ll know it’s time to install a new one. Schedule replacement at least every 90 days, for better efficiency when running the furnace.

Dirt and dust accumulate in your furnace if you don’t regularly replace the filter, potentially resulting in premature malfunction and expensive repair jobs. When you notice the furnace isn’t blowing hot air, look at the filter’s condition . If it appears dirty, it may need replacing..

How Do I Change My Furnace’s Filter?

It’s relatively easy to change your home’s furnace filter.

1. Find the filter: Switch off the furnace’s power. Locate the filter in the return air vent or inside the furnace. If you can’t remember, check the furnace manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Determine if it’s reusable or replaceable: Disposable filters have cardboard frames, while reusable air filters for furnaces have plastic frames.

3. Verify the thickness and size of the filter: You need to match it precisely, so look at the filter instructions if you’re unsure about the dimensions for replacement.

4. Take out the dirty filter: Throw out the filter if it’s meant for single use, and then put in a replacement filter. For a reusable filter, wash it per the manufacturer’s instructions and put it back into the furnace.

5. Check the orientation: Check that the filter is lined up so the air will flow in the correct direction. Typically, arrows are printed on the filter’s frame to guide you during installation. After placing the filter, close the panel.

Now, you can resume running the furnace, confident that the fresh filter will help eliminate contaminants and dust, improving indoor air quality. The furnace will run more efficiently, cost less to operate, and work longer than if you failed to clean or swap out filter regularly.

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