A packaged HVAC unit is an excellent choice for small and mid-sized homes. Still, they need maintenance like any heating and cooling systems.

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Packaged HVAC systems include all the heating and air conditioning components in one space, as opposed to split systems which feature separate furnace and an AC condenser units. It's typically installed outside a building, like you'd find an air conditioner, making it a popular choice in Charlotte for smaller and medium-sized homes and businesses.


They're easier to install than heat pump split systems and have a much lower risk of manufacturer defects. Maintenance is often simple and more cost-effective for packaged systems – as everything is in one place, it's easier to access for repairs.

You also won't experience as much noise in your home because the unit is outside. Packaged systems tend to be very energy-efficient compared to split systems, saving you money on energy bills when gas prices are sky-high.

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No HVAC equipment is perfect. Here are some of the problems our Charlotte packaged HVAC repair technicians encounter:


This is a frequent issue but extremely easy and affordable to fix. When a fuse blows, the unit won't function properly – we'll install a new one and check for other maintenance needs at the same time


If a capacitor burns out or stops working correctly, your unit may have trouble starting up or running consistently. If you've noticed this, you should contact us for packaged HVAC repair immediately.


Dust and debris can blow into a unit and stop it from functioning properly if it's not cleaned regularly. We recommend that you call us out for cleaning and general HVAC maintenance services annually.


Your thermostat should be recalibrated regularly to ensure your home is heated or cooled to your chosen temperature

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What is a packaged HVAC system, and why is it a good option for smaller homes?

Packaged HVAC systems refer to units that include heating and cooling components in a single unit, which is installed outside a building. They're ideal for smaller properties because they are easier to install and have a lower risk of manufacturer defects.

What are the benefits of HVAC package unit installation?

Not only are these systems easier to install, but they also offer lower maintenance costs, greater energy efficiency, and less noise due to being installed outside.

What kind of packaged HVAC repair issues are common in Charlotte, NC?

Some of the most frequently encountered problems include blown fuses, faulty capacitors, accumulation of dust and debris, and thermostat issues. If you run into any of these, call us for expert repair services today.

Why is it important to hire expert technicians for HVAC package unit maintenance and repairs?

Only experienced and certified technicians like ours will bring the proper tools, experience and equipment to ensure the work is done in the most complete and effective manner possible. Brothers has a team of NATE-certified professionals who know what it takes to keep your systems functioning as effectively and efficiently as they can.

What kind of services does Brothers offer in addition to package unit maintenance and repairs?

We also are a licensed plumbing contractor offering services including simple repairs, drain cleaning, water heater installation, and sewer repairs and replacements.

What is NATE certification, and why does it matter?

NATE certification is the highest level of training an HVAC technician can receive. It stands for "North American Technician Excellence," and it means the professional has been certified as skilled, knowledgeable and capable of handling any type of HVAC installation and repair work.

What is Brothers' satisfaction guarantee?

We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our work, and you will never experience hidden fees when you work with us. If you're dissatisfied with our work for any reason within one year of your original invoice, we will make every effort to rectify the situation or remove your equipment and refund your money.


A significant benefit of packaged HVAC units is that they're easy and affordable to maintain. Still, it's essential to hire the best expert technicians in the Charlotte area to maintain and service your heating and air conditioning systems – call Brothers Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing now to schedule service.

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