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A clogged sewer line can be an issue, but a broken sewer line can lead to disaster. Sewer pipes deteriorate over time, and if they're neglected, they can cause massive flooding in your home.

Household wastewater systems are known to be complicated installations. Appliances and fixtures of all types connect through an intricate system of pipelines to the main sewage line. At Brothers Heating Cooling Plumbing, we are the area leaders for sewer line repair in Charlotte, NC, and installation services. Our sewer line service experts and sump pump installers are trained to tackle any sewer repair, pipe lining, or drain repair service.

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What is Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Service?

When repairing your sewer system, the task requires heavy trenching. Trenching equipment can result in a damaged lawn and landscape. Trenchless sewer line repair allows professionals in Charlotte, NC, to make repairs by bypassing the use of this equipment.

How does this work? A professional sewer line specialist can send a camera through your sewage system and diagnose any issues. Tree roots or lawn repairs can damage the sewage line in some instances. There may also be a leak causing problems with the flow of water.

This service does the job while minimizing the damage to your yard. Trenchless pipe bursting tech allows a new pipe to be pulled into the path of the old pipe. The replacement pipe will renew your sewer line for years to come.

Signs Your Home Needs Sewer Repairs

Many signs indicate you might need sewer line repair. In certain instances, you may need to remove or replace the entirety of the sewer line system, which feels like a plumbing emergency. Don't panic. Watch for these signs with your sewer lines, and call us, we can help!

Smell Arising from Your Yard

If you begin to encounter awful odors in your yard, it could mean that something is puncturing or damaging your waste line, which is not only wholly unpleasant but can begin to erode your yard. The sewage line may also need clearing in addition to waste management.

Ineffective Water Pressure

The water pressure in your home may begin to deplete. As you troubleshoot the issues, keep an eye on the intensity of the water pressure, which could indicate a blockage or clog in the sewage line.

How to Tell If Sewer Pipes Are Leaking

In addition to clogs, you may experience some signs of leakage. Though tree roots can puncture the pipeline, various factors can spring leaks in your water line. Some signs that may indicate that your pipes are leaking or damaged.

Uneven Toilet Water Levels

The toilet water levels may be inconsistent, dropping into the bowl or rising unevenly. If you experience low water levels one day but have a full bowl the next day, it may indicate a leak or clog in the main pipeline.

Rising Water Bill

If you receive your next water bill and the numbers appear to skyrocket out of nowhere, this could display a potential problem. It could indicate a leak if you regulate your water usage but still see an unexpected increase.

What Are No-Dig Plumbing Repairs?

Preventing damage to your lawn is important; if not considered, it could lead to costly repairs. Plumbers use a series of methods to avoid digging into your family's yard during sewer line installation.

Pipe Bursting Tech: We've indicated a common method known as pipe-bursting, where a new pipe is lined and essentially bursts an old pipeline.

CIPP Installation: CIPP refers to an inflatable tube that lines the remnants of the old pipe, which creates a protective inner lining, but may not remove root intrusions.

Slip Lining: Slip lining is one of the oldest methods of no-dig plumbing repair. It involves sliding a plastic slipcover over areas of leakage. This is recommended for larger pipes as it decreases the diameter of the pipe.

How the Local Climate Can Impact Sewer Systems

You may not think so, but the weather in North Carolina can significantly impact your home’s sewer lines. Here are some of how the state’s climate can affect your sewer lines:

Temperature Variations: The wide range of temperatures the state experiences throughout the year can lead to many changes to your property. Even though the Appalachian Mountains block most extreme cold, occasionally, there can be cold snaps caused by frigid air from the north or northeast, which can lead to freezing temperatures that can cause the water inside your sewer lines to freeze and expand. Your pipes can crack or even burst completely when this happens.

Humidity and Moisture: With the state’s humid subtropical climate, North Carolina residents experience a lot of rainfall and humidity, which can affect the soil stability around your sewer lines due to movement, erosion, and the potential shifting of the pipes.

Seasonal Changes: North Carolina experiences all four seasons, each bringing a unique set of weather conditions that can impact your sewer lines. Summer’s high temperatures and heavy rain can stress your system more, causing backups or overflows. In the fall, tropical cyclones are a threat until late in the season, increasing the risk of sewer line damage. Spring brings tornadoes that can do a lot of harm to infrastructure.

El Niño and La Niña Events: It’s important not to underestimate the effects these weather patterns can have on North Carolina. El Niño brings cooler temperatures and wetter conditions, increasing the risk of freezing and waterlogged soils around sewer lines. La Niña causes warmer conditions and high rainfall, leading to problems with soil stability and drainage.

It’s worth noting that the age and condition of your pipes also have a lot of influence on how they perform, as well as maintenance practices and your local topography. Having your pipes inspected and maintained by experts can address any issues before they can get worse, which is why it’s vital to contact our professional sewer line repair company to care for your system.

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