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It happens to everyone: you're in a nice hot shower, and then suddenly you're attacked by what seems like a never-ending stream of icicles, all because of a malfunctioning water heater. We don't think much about these systems in our daily lives — but when they malfunction, you need help fast.

What are the sure-fire signs that you need water heater maintenance or replacement? This guide will cover everything you need to know about water heaters and the signs you should recognize that it may be time for repairs or a replacement.

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Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

Any appliance you own holds a designated lifespan. It's always important to monitor the date of your water heater to ensure it's up to standard. If you wait too long, you may encounter irreversible damage.

Water conditions and frequency of use can alter a unit's lifespan. A complete lack of heat can, of course, indicate a unit is in disarray. However, limited heat can also allude to a non-functioning unit.

If you check your unit and see puddles dispersed around the unit, it may suggest a leaking water heater. There may be an internal leak that is hard to see but reaches the external pipes.

Carefully inspect the area and the unit itself for any signs of erosion. Mold growth may also begin appearing around the edges of the unit.

Routine inspection of the unit will help identify these details and avoid permanent damage from neglect.

Should I Repair or Replace My Hot Water Heater?

Brothers Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing in Charlotte recommends calling in a professional contractor if you suspect a problem. After consultation, an experienced team member can inspect and determine water heater installation is required or a simple water heater repair can be made.

A professional Charlotte plumber can help you decide whether or not you need repairs or a complete upgrade to a new unit. If the system needs a replacement, your contractor can ensure you receive the most up-to-date and efficient heater.

How to Choose a New Charlotte Water Heater

One popular option is a tankless water heater. These tankless water heaters allow homeowners to avoid having to store a large pre-heated tank. This could be a game-changer for those without much space to spare. If you experience flooding issues with a storage tank, changing to a tankless unit may require a more complex set of pipes.

The tankless option may also help you conserve energy as it only heats on demand.

Not sure if tankless is the right choice for your Charlotte, NC home? Give the Brothers team a call and learn more about what water heaters we recommend.

Preventative Water Heater Maintenance

The best way to avoid making water heater repair calls is to schedule annual tune-up water heater services. Most water heaters are Energy Guide standard glass-lined steel tanks. These usually have an expiry date of around 10 to 12 years, depending on the household's use.

The glass-lining in the tank can help preserve the tank from rusting. In particular, the anode rod located inside the tank can erode faster than the tank lining. Some contractors can replace these parts.

In addition, the thermostat tracks the heating elements within the tank. If these are broken, it may misinterpret or disrupt the heating element's heating function. Take a look at the emergency cutoff or the "ECO" on the thermostat. Ensuring that this piece is functioning can determine why the heating elements are non-functioning.

If you're in a large family household, you'll want to track the use of hot water. If you unnecessarily use too much water over some time, it can begin to damage the units.

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