Charlotte Heat Pump Service

Heat pumps are increasingly popular for home heating and cooling systems. They're ideally suited to the climate of Charlotte, NC, which is why they're one of our most frequent installation jobs.

If you're looking for quality heat pump services in Charlotte, whether it be heat pump repairs or heat pump replacement, Brothers Heating Cooling Plumbing is the name to call for all of your heat pump service needs.

Heat pump system

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Common Reasons You May Need Heat Pump Repair

When is it time to call us for heat pump repair in Charlotte? Keep an eye out for these signs:

The thermostat isn't accurate

If your heating/cooling unit isn't bringing your home to the temperature displayed on your thermostat, you should call us for maintenance. It could be an issue with the thermostat's calibration or, more seriously, a problem with the internal workings of the pump.

Improper heat pump installations

These are highly technical systems – if your heat pump was installed by someone else or was on your property before you moved in, it's worth checking the installation. If it's been installed by someone who didn't know what they were doing, it might need to be pulled out and replaced or repaired.

Strange HVAC system noises

Weird noises coming from your heating system aren't just annoying – they signal that something is wrong. If you notice strange noises or that your system is much louder than usual, it's time to call for assistance.

The system keeps tripping

If it keeps tripping the breakpoint, we'll need to investigate which component fails to start up properly. The breakpoint is an important safety mechanism, so you should contact us immediately if this is happening.

Any abnormal behavior or inefficiency is a good reason to book an inspection. Contact us now, and we'll get to work.

Charlotte Heat Pump Installation

Only specialists should perform heat pump installation – it's not something that most general contractors are familiar with. At Brothers, we have years of experience installing these systems in Charlotte homes and across North Carolina and can guarantee that we'll do a high-quality job.

The pump works by using outdoor air to balance the temperature inside. The principle is simple, but the process it uses is quite technical. It's also crucial that the system is installed securely, so it's not compromising your home's exterior or allowing leaks and draughts – this defeats the purpose of the system.

Heat pump installation doesn't need to be a hassle. The important thing is to choose a heat pump service company that specializes in this job and can offer proof of many successful prior installations.

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How Often Should I Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance?

Like any home heating or cooling system, annual maintenance is a good idea for these units. However, that doesn't mean you should wait until "just before winter" or any particular time of year if you notice problems.

The appropriate time to schedule heat pump maintenance in Charlotte is whenever you notice an issue. If you've identified any of the problems listed above, or you're concerned about your unit's performance, you should get in touch to arrange an inspection immediately.

A well-maintained unit should operate effectively all year round. While it's great to enjoy your heating and cooling system without issues, the best way to achieve this is to book regular inspections just to ensure things are working properly. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your heat pump by years, saving the need for a costly replacement.

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