Nobody wants to go without air conditioning in the heat of summer in North Carolina. Brothers Heating Cooling Plumbing is pleased to provide dependable air and conditioning services to Gastonia residents and those around it.


When your air conditioning goes down, you'll want a dependable cooling service provider who can meet your demands as soon as possible. Brothers Air is on hand to ensure you're never too long without cool air.


If you want an air conditioning unit installed on your property or if your present one needs to be replaced, we're here to assist. Our HVAC installation service can do the work quickly and efficiently.


If you've noticed that your home's cooling system isn't as efficient as it used to be, a basic tune-up may be the ideal option for providing you with the cold air you need.


We take a personal approach to our customer service because we understand how important and time-sensitive it is when something goes wrong with your air conditioner. When you need us most, we'll always provide high-quality HVAC service.


A broken heat pump can be a big pain, especially when it's your primary heating source. We'll come out to fix your heat pump as soon as possible so you don't have to endure too long.


Ductless mini-splits are an excellent choice for homeowners seeking a less invasive method of cooling their house. Ductless mini-splits usually work well for older homes, larger homes or homeowners who want to create unique zones for cooling and heating.


Keeping your plumbing running smoothly requires assistance from our expert plumbers. As plumbing companies, we can handle everything from water heater installation to water treatment service and garbage disposal service.


The hot, humid weather in Gastonia challenges presents challenges to your HVAC and plumbing systems. An average July high temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit and a dew point of 68 degrees and nearly 2 inches of rain, in addition to a dew point of 68 degrees and nearly 2 inches of rain, forces your system to work hard to remove heat and humidity from your home. As HVAC and plumbing professionals, we understand that the hot weather can lead to breakdowns, repairs, and even replacement of your HVAC parts and plumbing pipes. With an average January low of 32 degrees, you need a great furnace function to prevent your pipes from freezing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I change my air filters?

Changing your air filters helps to improve your HVAC efficiency while minimizing dirt and debris accumulation inside your equipment. Generally, you should plan to change your filters at least once a season, as often as every month in some cases. Frequency depends on various factors, such as your property, the weather outside, and your filter type. Filters with a higher MERV rating catch more contaminants, so they often require replacement sooner than filters with a lower MERV rating.

Should I buy a bigger unit for better performance?

The best HVAC system for your home depends on the right size; bigger does not always mean better. Units with too much output may reach the right temperature and shut down before performing the crucial task of humidity control, which can lead to moisture accumulation, mold, or other problems. 

A bigger CVAC unit also uses more energy, which can cost more to operate in the same settings as a smaller unit. As heating and cooling companies, we can help you choose an air conditioning system that provides top heating and cooling in just the right size.

How long can my HVAC equipment last?

The life span of your HVAC equipment relates to the use, upkeep, and other factors. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that a system with regular maintenance and prompt furnace repair service can last 15 to 25 years. As a heat pump specialist, we can help you determine how long your equipment can last, given its current condition. 

We can advise you on how to extend the life span without compromising effective output and efficiency over time. Our experts make it easy to know when you can safely continue using your existing equipment and the right time to upgrade your central air conditioning.

Do I have to replace the entire system at the same time?

Usually, when you want to replace major components of your heating or cooling system, you should replace all components at the same time. Replacing equipment piecemeal often leads to lower output and efficiency, and it can even cause problems requiring air conditioning repair service. 

If you want to minimize the cost of replacing your system, keep in mind that a proper investment often helps to minimize further expense through great performance. Our heating air specialists can help you choose a system that suits your needs and budget.

When should I schedule service for my air conditioning system?

Maintenance services provide the best return on investment when you schedule them once a year. Generally, you should schedule air conditioning service in the spring before you use your air conditioner regularly. Our technicians can inspect your unit, test its function, and look for signs of excessive wear or damage on certain parts. 

When we finish our inspection, we can recommend repairs or other services, such as a meeting with our indoor air quality specialist to reduce dust and allergen buildup in your home.