Tips for Creating a Great Home Space During Picnic Season

May 09, 2024

May is one of the best months for homeowners, especially in the Carolinas. We’re greeted with beautiful weather, blooming flowers, fresh cut grass, and best of all—grilling season! That’s right, May is National Barbecue Month, which means we’re excited to get outside to fire up some of steaks, wings, and burgers for friends and family. But with hosting picnics comes great responsibility. How safe is your home for guests?

Here are some things to consider when it comes to barbecue safety for your home this summer.

Safeguard Your Picnic Space

Keep these things in mind when you host barbecues this season.

Do an Indoor Space Evaluation

It’s important to having a functioning cooling system when you’re expecting guests. They’ll be in and out of your home as they help in the kitchen and frequent the bathroom. Schedule your regular air conditioning tune-up before your party and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your picnickers will be comfortable when they are indoors.

And an Outdoor Space Evaluation, Too

Inspect your outdoor space to ensure it's suitable and safe for picnics. Prior to a gathering, be sure you place your grill on flat, stable ground that is free from hazards like holes, sharp objects, or tripping hazards.

Check for adequate seating arrangements, such as picnic tables or blankets, to accommodate your guests comfortably.

Be sure your grill is separate from the seating area and grill tools are out of the reach of pets and young kids.

Be Prepared Before the Picnic Begins

Before the season even begins, it’s always wise to inspect your HVAC system to ensure it’s working properly. Turn it on and let it run to ensure it’s releasing cool air. You should also change the air filters. After all, the last thing you want to deal with during summer is an HVAC replacement.

Be Aware of Guests with Allergies

Before you serve food, ask guests about any food allergies or dietary restrictions so you can accommodate their needs accordingly. Clearly label dishes that contain allergens such as seafood, peanuts, and even gluten!

You should also be mindful of potential allergens present in your outdoor environment, such as pollen from nearby plants or trees. If any guests start having reactions to pollen, allow them to recover indoors and be sure that home air purifier is working!

Plan to Keep Your Guests Comfy

Provide decent seating, shade, and let guests know where the bathroom is located when they arrive.

Practice Good Food Safety

Be sure food is stored properly prior to your picnic. Keep perishable items refrigerated until serving time and use coolers or ice packs to maintain safe temperatures during the picnic. In addition to have a clean, functioning bathroom, provide handwashing stations or hand sanitizers for guests to maintain proper hygiene before eating.

Control Pests

Take measures to control insects and pests in your outdoor space, too. This may include using insect repellents, citronella candles, or setting up mesh screens to keep bugs away from the picnic area.

Regularly empty and clean trash bins to minimize attractants for pests.

Happy Barbecue Month—We’re Here to Help!

So, how did you do? Think you’re reading to “get your grill on” this season? As you prep for those picnics during National Barbecue Month, remember that Brothers is available for all your home service needs, including that annual air conditioning tune-up and any HVAC replacement you might need.

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Last Updated: May 10, 2024