The Ideal Temperature For Home A/C In The Summer

June 23, 2023

The Ideal Temperature For Home A/C In The Summer

As the hot, humid summer approaches in North and South Carolina, you may wonder, “What temp should I keep my AC on?” Although you can start with expert recommendations, the exact temperature you need depends on various factors. The size and layout of your home, your goals for energy consumption, and your budget all affect the temperature you should choose for summer cooling. The number that works for your neighbor might not work as well for you. We’ll help you explore  to keep cool this summer without breaking the bank.

Reasons to Use Air Conditioning During the Summer

Air conditioning sometimes feels like a luxury, but most people need it during the summer. Young children, older adults, and anyone prone to heat sickness require a cool space to stay safe and healthy during the summer. A heat wave can increase your risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke, especially if you don’t have effective cooling at home. Even a mild heat-related illness can create severe complications for certain populations. Additionally, your home needs air conditioning to control humidity levels. Without it, the area’s high humidity could damage your furniture, electronics, and flooring. 

Ideal Temperature Settings for Your Home

Generally, you should consider setting your thermostat at 72 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The right number depends on your budget, your feelings, and even the time of day. You might have reasons to set the thermostat lower or higher, but you can get the best results within this range.

Typically, you should choose a number that feels cool and comfortable but not so cool or warm that you must constantly change the thermostat.Setting the temperature higher can help you save money on energy usage, depending on the ambient temperature and the season. Feel free to adjust the setting as the summer progresses to ensure you maintain consistent comfort.

Benefits of Using a Programmable Thermostat

If you want to maximize your energy efficiency without compromising comfort during the summer, consider installing and using a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats offer many great features, such as the ability to set temperatures for individual days and adjust cooling to when you’re most likely to need it. The latest models sync seamlessly with your smart devices and hubs. Learning how to create and adjust the settings can make  saving energy while you’re at work or sleeping easier.

How to Adjust Settings to Meet Your Cooling Needs

Homes come in all shapes and sizes, meaning your cooling needs might differ based on your home’s square footage and layout. If you own a smaller home or a unit in a multifamily building, you might be able to raise the temperature without feeling too warm. Large homes with open floor plans might need a cooler temperature to keep each room comfortable.

The humidity in your home also affects the level of cooling you need. Regions with humid summers, including North and South Carolina, often feel hotter than areas with dry air. Lowering the humidity in the home can make it feel cooler. If you struggle with excess humidity, particularly in rooms such as the bathroom or basement, consider using a dehumidifier. 

Ways to Keep Your Air Conditioning Running Smoothly

While your air conditioning system works overtime to handle the cooling load, you’ll want to do everything possible to maintain its condition. A little investment in the spring and throughout the summer can help improve your energy efficiency and minimize the risk of an unexpected breakdown. Set a reminder to change your filters, and keep the exterior unit clear, so it has plenty of airflow. Schedule annual maintenance in the spring so that our technicians can check out your system and confirm that it is ready for the cooling season. If you notice a problem, call to request an inspection as soon as possible.

Call Brothers for Expert Air Conditioning Service

Keeping your home cool and comfortable takes work; our technicians can help you handle the load. Our team has years of experience with air conditioning systems in North and South Carolina, from installation and replacement to maintenance and repairs.

At Brothers, we appreciate how much you need effective cooling to stay comfortable and safe throughout the hot, humid summer. We provide comprehensive service for air conditioning systems, so you never need to wonder who to call when you have a question or a problem.

Our technicians work hard to ensure that you get the right solution, whether you are looking to address a concern with your existing unit or you need to install a new one. We focus on your satisfaction during each step of the process. You can count on us to provide professional, courteous service with prompt attention to your needs and competitive pricing. We’re happy to help you get the most out of your system each year.

You deserve to have a comfortable home in any season, and the experts at Brothers are here to assist. Contact us to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.

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