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To Brothers-Duck Costner,


I recently used the Plumbing side of your business. Shane Filliben was the service tech who did the work at my home and I just want you to know how well he handled the work. He was on time, diligent, hard working and explained to my satisfaction, everything he did. I was very impressed with this employee of Brothers. Shane is to be commended!

Thank you,

S.B. Charlotte, NC

Dear Brothers,


I wanted to tell you a good news story I heard of Brothers Air, I was at a church function and a fellow parishioner was telling me how her heat had broken and she called another heating and air company that literally laughed at her on the phone.. she was in tears. She called Brothers was treated with respect and they (you) repaired her heater, quickly and with a cost she could afford to boot.. Thank you . I went on to tell her how wonderful you all were in the summer with our air and so the word is quickly spreading around a very large community at our church.

Thank you

Marianne T


Dear Brothers,


I would like to say thank you to your company for caring enough over this past holiday weekend to get to my house as quickly as possible to get my air conditioner up and running again. I have to say I was leery about calling a company that is as big as yours. Wow, was I surprised. Your service from the answering service to the tech who came to my house totally exceeded my expectations. Kurt was professional and he took the time to explain to me everything that he was doing. He left nothing uncovered and even helped me make the decision that I made. My air conditioner was up and running within the hour! Thank you to Kurt and your whole team for making this whole experience so worth it. I will definitely recommend you and use your services again.

Thanks again –

Mrs. L.O.

Dear Marlon, Our Brothers Replacement Specialist,
I wanted to send you a quick thank you note for the tremendous experience that my wife and I had with purchasing our new furnace and air conditioning systems from Brothers. We truly admired your professionalism with evaluating our needs, devoting time to carefully explain the proposed options, and negotiating exceptional pricing on our behalf. The physical installation experience was outstanding. I believe the crew arrived around 9:45AM and by 4PM were finished with two complete (and working) system installs! That was a truly remarkable feat. My personal inspection revealed an impressive quality of workmanship and the many extras provided by Brothers to ensure a thorough installation. Please pass along my gratitude to Roger as well as the entire installation team. It was great teamwork from top-to-bottom!

Best Regards,

– K.T.

Dear Brothers Plumbing,
I had Alex Feemster at my house today for a service call. He had gone above and beyond with this service call. While he was repairing the plumbing I was looking up a phone number for pest control. I told him that I had heard scratching under the house last night. He said that he would take a look when he was done with the plumbing. Sure enough when he entered the crawl space he saw where something had nested in the insulation. He poked the area until a HUGE possum came out, then he located the area where it had entered the house and closed the air vent. I can not tell you how appreciative I am that he helped me. This is definitely a story that I will share with my friends and neighbors. Alex earned his gold star today.



Dear Brothers, Daren and Wes
I was going to write sooner about what a satisfying and efficient process and install our new HVAC units were, but life and other things have been in the way….. I just got a scare from the Loan Papers and Payment Book I just received (confusing), but Wes called me right back (after my harried message) and relieved my fears.

You have good people working for your company…they were all very respectful and hardworking (from Wes, the install teams, to the people on the phones at your office).  The units may need some “tweaking”, but as I said to Wes, I wanted to see what the electric bill was before I got you guys in to check things out.

Thanks Again,

Robert H.

Dear Mr. Rutland,
I would like to compliment you and your company on employing personnel such as Brian G. His technicalknowledge is outstanding as is his interaction with customers. I was distraught with the many repairs andthe new installation that was needed due to lack of correct inspection and upkeep of the equipment by another company.

His ability to walk me through all the problems, andconcern with the unexpected bills I was being confronted

with, was informative and helped with the decisions I had to make. He is an asset to your company.All the employees I interacted with were pleasant,helpful, and I am grateful for their rofessionalism.Lynn M. gave me time to make a decision and didnot try to rush me into a decision. Josh, Lee, and Bob(sorry do not have their full name) did an excellentjob. The County inspector commented on the great job they did on the installation.Again, thanks for all your company’s help.


Patty E. Gastonia, NC

Dear Brothers,
I am not sure if I am contacting the right person or not but I trust you will pass this on to the right person if not.

I have owned my house for almost ten years now and the only HVAC company who I have ever called is Brothers. In that 10 years, there have been a number of techs come to my house and I have talked to many customer service people.

These are some of the best folks in the world. ALL OF THEM.

They are always caring and concerned and work with us on our schedule. Just wonderful, good all round folks. People make a company work. Your people make yours work. They earn this customer’s trust because they do what they say, are on time and keep me posted as to the status of the tech coming to my house. I will never call anyone but Brothers. Your people are tops and they are welcome in our house anytime. There will always be a hot cup of coffee or a cold soda waiting for them here. And all you folks on the customer service lines are appreciated more than you can ever know.

Now to those two funny guys on the billboards and in the commercials. Thank you.
You and your people make my life easier, cooler and warmer.

Thank you many times over to all the good people at Brothers Air:

T&S W.

Mooresville, N. C. 28117

Brothers replaced a 13 year old heat pump that had started needing too many repairs. My husband and I were very pleased with the options the salesman presented us. After we chose the product the installation was performed in a very timely fashion. The new heat pump has done very well over the few months that we have had it. Brothers has been doing semi-annual maintenance on our two units for at least 13 years. (We’ve been in our 40 year old house nearly 20 years). They installed our old heat pump, and about 5 months later something stopped up in the unit that was installed in our attic. Water was involved, and although we discovered the problem almost immediately (we were fortunate to be home!), the ceiling of the room immediately below was damaged.

We called the Brothers service line that evening (it was about 7 pm when we noticed the problem), and they had a technician there within the hour. He did a short-term fix. Within a week other technicians came and looked at the problem and decided that a piece had been defective, but that the drip pan also should have been larger. They fixed both, then advised me to send them the bill after having the ceiling repaired and repainted. They offered us free bi-annual service on the unit, and we were so impressed with their responsiveness we purchased the same plan for the gas-pack that heats and cools the first floor of our home. Heating/cooling problems always happen on the coldest or hottest days of the year (ours always get noticed at night!), and they have always gotten a technician there the same night.

I would probably have been a better consumer if I had done some comparison-shopping on price for the new heat pump, but I honestly have been so pleased with the Brothers service over the years I just called them.

A previous contractor sold us a gas-pack 15 years ago that developed a broken heat-exchanger within two years. At that point they told us it would be cheaper to replace the unit (thousands of dollars) than to have it repaired. The explanation was that although the part was warrantied, the labor was not. At that point I did shop around and found Brothers prices and sales approach most attractive. We’re loyal customers now.

R. S. Clarke

We had a sewer clog and they snaked out the clog. They also placed a camera down the pipe to see where the problem was. They quoted us to fix the problem which included digging up the sewer pipe and replacing it so that everything was back in working order. They also filled everything back in where they dug out the piping and smoothed the area back out.

I wanted to comment about the outstanding customer and technical service I received from Everton and Shane from Brothers Plumbing. They were extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. My husband and I noticed a problem with our sewer line on Sunday evening and contacted Brother’s Plumbing. Everton came out to our house the very next morning and worked out in the pouring rain to snake out our clogged pipe and then placed a camera to locate the problem. We had tree roots that had gotten into our system. Everton was extremely pleasant and knowledgeable. He quoted us the cost of fixing our sewer pipe and said that he would be back out the next morning to repair. Everton and Shane came the next morning to dig up our piping and fix the problem. They not only fixed our pipe, but were already very close to where the city tap was for our system, so they put in the extra effort to go ahead and check that out.

They found a problem on the city side as well. Everton and Shane contacted our city sewer department to report the problem and have them send someone out. I was out there when the crew showed up and even the City Supervisor said most plumbers would have never gone through the effort to check the city tap, even though they weren’t far from that area where they were digging to fix my pipes. The City Supervisor said most plumbers probably would have just fixed ours and gone on. The city fixing their part of our system also helped ours to perform better going forward. The city had some broken parts and some clogging that was also causing problems in our system. No one wants this kind of problem or expense, but I would highly recommend Brothers Plumbing for all of your plumbing needs. This was our first experience using them, but they were fantastic. If Brothers employees are all like Shane and Everton this Company will be around several more decades. These two went above and beyond the call of duty.

R. S. Clarke

I recently purchased a new faucet for the guest bathroom in my home and, after seeking estimates from several plumbers, ended up calling Brothers to have it installed. The plumber was courteous, professional, and arrived on time. The installation took about 90 minutes from start to finish. He did a beautiful job.

Brothers Heating and Air has been servicing the HVAC units in my home for over 9 years. They do excellent work, but these representatives often have something big to try and sell you. I was especially pleased with the plumber because he did not suggest anything else to sell me; he simply provided excellent service for the faucet installation. I would not hesitate to call Brothers for a plumber again.

When I called Brothers for an estimate, they were the only company that worked hard to get the price down to something I could afford. The receptionist told me about a new program to offer a 5% discount to people with an AARP card, and the discount reduced the price from $229 to $217.55. Although this price was in the same range or slightly better than many plumbers I called, I gave the price a “B” because it was expensive for my budget and far higher than one estimate (that plumber was tied up on a long-term job). As a large company, Brothers also was able to send someone out that same day, which was surprising and much appreciated.

Brothers charges a $19.95 fee to send a plumber out to do an onsite estimate (they will not give an estimate over the phone), if you do not have their plumber do the work. The charge is waived if their representative does the work. Brothers gives a 12 month warranty on labor for this type of job. MW, Charlotte, NC

R. S. Clarke

I am very pleased with Brothers. They installed a new furnace and air conditioning unit. I have them come back on a regular basis to do spring and fall tune ups. They are very good people.
Charles C, Charlotte, NC
Brothers Plumbing replaced a leaking pipe that supplied water to a toilet. Telephone contact was very professional, scheduled appropriately, technician was great.

Harry M, Rock Hill, SC

I am very pleased with Brothers. They installed a new furnace and air conditioning unit. I have them come back on a regular basis to do spring and fall tune ups. They are very good people.

Charles C, Charlotte, NC

I hired them to check my hot water tank. I chose them because of the discount they offered. He checked the hot water tank did a very good job. He found that there was a repair that would be needed on the furnace in the future but explained that it was not an immediate need. I was really impressed with them and comfortable with the work that they do. I will hire them for work in the future.

Michael R, Charlotte, NC

Brothers removed old downstairs part of split HVAC, and installed a new system. The installers were prompt and completed the installation the same day as stated. There was an issue concerning where Brothers installed the furnace exhaust. The installer did not consult me about the location of the exhaust vent prior to installing it. Installation required cutting hole in a brick wall on the backside of the house where it would be a visible eye sore when using outside. I pointed this out about a month later; Brothers promptly returned to move the exhaust vent to the proper location on the side of the house and repaired all damaged due to installation at the back of the house.

Ken P, Harrisburg, NC

My cooling units were not coming on. The technician walked through my entire system to determine that it was a bad switch. I had used Brothers for tune-up work before with great success. They came out on a diagnostic call and went through the system to try and determine the problem. After almost an hour and a half the technician found that an on/off switch for the attic units was defective. It was a standard light switch that is used to turn the units off if there is an emergency, but after going through the temperature extremes in the attic, it was brittle and cracked. The tech said that he could replace it for $40, but it would be cheaper for me to go get a new one at the hardware store and install it myself, which I did and everything worked great. I appreciate the attention to detail and professionalism that the technician showed. He took time to explain everything to me and in the end only charged for the diagnostic call. I have used them for seasonal tune-ups and will continue to do so.

RD, Waxhaw, NC

Brothers sent out a technician today to do the semi-annual inspection of our heating/cooling system. As always, we were satisfied with the service and information provided. We have done business for quite a few years with them and they have always gone above and beyond when it comes to overall service. At one point they even entirely replaced a system when it would not adequately cool our house. This was done with no pressure from us but what they decided they must do when other methods of attempting to repair the other system did not work. Great service for years.
JO, Concord, NC
I noticed I had no hot water so I called Brothers. Emmett was the representative that arrived at my home. He suggested thermocouple replaced in hot water heater. He was well mannered, professional and a really nice guy. He relit the pilot and we hoped that would be the solution since we had had wind and rain and the water heater compartment is in a small enclosure outside. He showed me how to relight it and, unfortunately, the pilot light went out later that day and I was able to relight it. The following day it was out again and this time I could not get it to relight. Emmett came out that evening and replaced the thermocouple. That has done the trick. I am so glad to have dependable hot water.

CB, Rock Hill, SC

The Amana/Goodman company refused to stand behind a faulty hvac unit which was 5 years into a 10 year warranty. After much interface with Goodman, Brothers, at their expense, installed a brand new HVAC unit at no charge and extended my warranty to the full warranty period. They were here several times took many readings to no avail with Goodman. They also came back 2 times to ensure the new unit was meeting all of our needs.They are an outstanding customer driven company!!! Outstanding customer service.

DS, Concord, NC

It was beautiful. They did a great job. It was a good experience. They installed 2 new furnace and A/C units. They came when they said they would and installed the unit. They then cleaned up any mess that they made. We didn’t have any complaints with the service they provided.

JK, Charlotte, NC

My A/C was having a problem. They came out to service the unit and said either my system was out of freon or I had a leak. They were very honest with me and came out the next day and gave me a quote on a new system. It turned out really well. The guy was very knowledgable and I was pleased with the information he gave me and what he did.

GJ, Charlotte, NC

I called Brothers for a new unit. They installed a new A/C downstairs. It was perfect. They are on time and say what they are going to do. They are a very caring company. The work was quick and efficient. The price was very reasonable. I can’t say enough good things about them.

AC, Concord, NC

We had a leak on our toilet and they came out on an emergency call and fixed it. They were on time, polite and professional.

EH, Fort Mill, SC

Called Brothers for service. They worked on our A/C. It was the first time I had used them. It went fine. They were very prompt and courteous. I would use them again.

DA, Charlotte, NC

The fellow was very friendly. He explained everything and the pricing. They were pretty quick. He had another guy helping him. They were pretty clean and didn’t make a mess in the house. They actually threw in a couple of freebies like a thermostat. We didn’t look anywhere else regarding pricing.

JY, Huntersville, NC